Dr. Wes Seipel

Dr. Wes Seipel first became interested in health and medicine while working as a personal trainer. He transitioned his passion of health and wellbeing to animals and received his DVM from Washington State University in 2016. Dr. Seipel loves being a veterinarian. The last five years for Dr. Seipel have been a challenging and exciting journey, discovering who he can be for his clients and developing the skills to provide the best care for his patients. He sees Auburn Valley Animal Clinic as a continuation of his drive to build a world where pet owners are empowered with the resources and knowledge about how to best care for their pets. He believes that preventative care directly translates to a longer and healthier life for pets that is mutually beneficial for the pet and the owner. He is dedicated to creating access to care in new ways so it is not delayed. He stands for the value of veterinary training in all positions in a hospital and supports a culture within both the clientele and staff that understands their worth. Dr. Seipel is also an avid fitness enthusiast, motorcycle rider, cook and traveler. He loves to discover local gems in the Pacific Northwest that have him fall in love with where he lives and works over and over again.

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